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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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so it went immediately up. so it's not always bad news. but you read the letters and the tweets about her. melissa: people think she just did it for this publicity because everybody else was antitrump saying things during the -- who knows. all right. here's risk and reward. >> right now we are considering and pursuing all options. those options include emergency phase in the supreme court, continuing the appeal with the panel, having an emergency hearing, or going to the trial court in the district level and a trial on the merits. they also include, as you have mentioned, the possibility of new executive action designed to prevent terrorist infiltration of our country. . liz: we're watching the white house this hour. new executive orders could come down this moment. and this just in, the white house asking seattle judge james to put any temporary refugee proceedings at that
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district court level on hold while the white house works on its next move. this as the markets are hitting more record highs across the board. all three major impasses skyrocketing today. welcome to risk and reward i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. the white house asking any proceedings to be on hold while the parties appeal to a larger panel of judges at the ninth circuit. white house senior adviser steven miller saying they've got a lot of options. he's saying that there's quote no such thing as judicial branch supremacy. >> we have equal branches of government in this country. the judiciary is not supreme. a district judge in seattle cannot force the president of the united states to change our laws and our constitution because their own personal views. this is an ideology disagreement between this who believe we should have borders and should have controls and this who believe there should
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be no borders and no controls. that's the essence of this debate. . liz: and now this. democrat senator chuck schumer saying the white house should just toss the order all together because it's an unconstitutional quote muslim ban. >> why not? >> i think you ought to throw it in the trash. i think this executive order is so bad and so poisoned and its genesis is so bad and terrible that he ought to just throw it in the trashcan. it's just un-american and unconstitutional. a religious ban is just -- goes against the american grain. we believe in immigrants in this country, and we don't believe in a religious test. liz: it should be noted as chuck schumer advocating and wanted a pause on refugees after the paris attacks. he advocating for that. didn't go anywhere. joining me now former senior adviser to george w. bush karl rove. it has been proven it's not a muslim ban. the words muslim ban don't appear in the order and even leaders tell us it's not a
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muslim ban. which narrative is winning right now? what do you think? >> well, i think neither narrative is winning. look, schumer has been a hypocrite. president obama picked the seven same countries for a similar action and as you say, it doesn't include the largest muslim countries in the world. it has seven countries that are generally been a source of terror threats. and unstable regimes in which there are failed states. so this is hypocritical. on the other hand, the president rolled it out badly, and it had some flaws in it, namely confusion about whether or not it applied to people with a green card. permanent legal residents of the united states. there was also a confusion whether or not it applied to people who had visas, who had served in the united states government abroad for a few years. so these create an opening. and, look, the ninth circuit is a liberal venue. so they're not going to agree with the administration.
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that judge when he makes his decision not to have his motives questioned. this is not as mr. miller said a battle between those who want borders and those who don't. it's a disagreement as to whether or not this policy is constitutional and statuetorially allowed, and we ought to leave it at that. the idea that we would be able to take parts of the executive order, new visas into these -- to people redo it so there's more likely to sustain any -- overcome any court challenge. liz: yeah, maybe if they run it by the federal agencies involved instead of rushing it through, if they had done that, maybe it wouldn't -- it could have been more bulletproof at the outset. but you bring up whether or not -- i think you mentioned the word questioning the order. i mean, steven miller created another firestorm of controversy.
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the media saying that the administration should stop basically blasting away at the judicial branch. they're saying that the -- you know, trying to undercut the independent checks and balances. i think steven made something like the white house shouldn't be questioned on this. what did you make of that controversy? >> yeah. look, i think differences do all the branches of the government. let's put the shoe on the other foot. what if the judges had said the president is acting he is closing our borders. they're it's statutorially correct. there ought to be due difference for the representative powers of the branches. liz: yeah, judicial review has its place. but i hear what you're saying. absolutely. while the immigration order is being hashed out, there's new data coming in about the refugees from the seven terror
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hot spots. here's the latest. it shows nearly three-quarters of the refugees coming into the u.s. over the last week, they came from these seven countries. even before president trump introduced his executive order. carl, what do you make of that number? >> well, first of all, let's put it in perspective. i think there's a grand total of 1400 refugees that have been allowed in since the order stayed and 1,200 of them are 72% are from these areas. most of those are syrians. some countries among the seven like yemen have zero. my suspicion is that the people who are being allowed in, even though the extreme vetting rules, new rules haven't been applied, my suspicion is if we looked at this people, the immigration and customs people, border patrol people are not going to -- they're going to be erring on the side of caution in every single one of this cases. so i think before we get wired up about it, let's remember this is roughly 1,000 people, many of whom are likely to be
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women and children. many of them -- all of them i suspect subject is to greater scrutiny than normal and refugees do have long scrutiny of their records. my sense is nobody in the border patrol is going to want to let people in who might represent a danger, even absent more stringent. liz: you know, carl, judge andrew napolitano said that the president could do an entirely new executive order and would wipe out all of the district court and circuit court of appeals fight because it could make it bulletproof. what do you think? >> i think. look, this was not well put together. as you alluded to earlier. i mean, what we do know piecing it together, the secretary of homeland security raised objections to it but the order went out without his objections being heard in the oval office with the secretary. and in normal circumstances, most administrations would say, look, if a cabinet official has an objection, the cabinet official is due the
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opportunity to make those arguments in front of the president and let the president make the decision. whichever way he goes. and in this instance instead like mr. miller said on sunday, it was drafted by a group of congressional aids who did not incidentally have the permission of their bosses to do this and were -- had to sign a nondisclosure agreement that they couldn't tell their bosses that they were doing this. and it was rushed through in order to drop it out at 4:45 on a friday afternoon. that's normally when you bury bad news. i talked to several officers. there was no copy of the order until two hours later. no brief room was available until two hours after that. there were no briefing papers that explained what it did. no backgrounders, no nothing, and it simply went downhill from there. liz: carl, we always love having you go on the show. thank you for your time, sir. >> you bet. thanks for having me. liz: the judge's objecting to the temporary travel hat. repeatedly said there's no terrorists came from the seven
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it terror hot spots. however, a new report reiterates what we've been reporting on the show all along. based on federal data. the report says 72 individuals from the seven countries have been convicted of terrorism in the united states since 9/11. at least 17 were refugees. three came in as students. 25 eventually became u.s. citizens, and there's more. nearly half of the 33 of the 72 were convicted of very serious terror-related crimes. they were sentenced to at least three years imprisonment. the crimes included attempted use of a mass destruction, weapons or missiles. remember when judge said there was no evidence of this? >> how many arrests have there been of the foreign nationals since 9/11? >> your honor, i don't have at a information. >> let me tell you the answer to that is none, as far as i can tell. so you're here arguing on behalf of someone who says we have to protect the united states from these individuals
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coming from these countries, and there's no support for that. liz: with me now we welcome former special forces official, and he's also running the center for security policies. the executive vice president there. he's jim hanson. jim, what did you make of this new data coming out? we said it's about five dozen to six dozen. and, in fact, 72 people convicted of terrorism since 9/11 from these countries. judge said not happening. what did you think of that? >> i thought the judge was supposed to be looking at the statute and constitutionality. not whether or not the national security judgment behind it was valid. he shouldn't be doing that and that's the first problem and the biggest problem with this whole debacle. okay. maybe it wasn't worded perfectly but the bottom line is that the statute that president trump relied on was used by president obama 19 times, president clinton a dozen times, and gives the
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president that authority to decide what security issues warrant excluding certain classes of aliens. so let's nothat's not judge's job to get the judiciary back in their lane and leave the president his security lane. liz: how can we protect this? doesn't this bolster the administration's position that there should be an immigration halt from these seven countries? >> absolutely without a doubt. and, again, that's something that shouldn't have been proved to a judge, it's proved charged with providing that information. it's unfortunate the lawyer didn't have that information to refute the judge in person, but it wouldn't have mattered. this is a politically-made decision by those liberal judges because they didn't like the policy, not because the president doesn't have the authority. so we are now stopped from doing what was necessary, which is stopping people from the countries where the jihaddists have controlled
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from coming into this country. and it needs to be changed and hopefully will be now. liz: jim, thanks for your time. really appreciate it, sir. >> pleasure. liz: coming up, major market embassies all closing as brand-new record highs across the board. the dow ending at a new high for the third straight day. something like 22 days of record highs for the dow since president trump won back in november. apple also doing very well. shares hitting all-time highs there today too on expectations of the new iphone. our very own geraldo taking a stand against the dc police. he's resigning from his post at yale university after student protesters successfully forced the removal of the name of a former u.s. vice president from a campus building. geraldo says you know what? this is political correctness, and it's lame. after this. don't go away. [chanting]
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. liz: now university coming to police asking them to rename one of the buildings on the campuses because it was named after a slavery supporter in the 1800s. our seventh vice president was a defender of slavery. he served under both john quincy adams and andrew jackson. the name will be in honor of computer scientist as a result of a decision, our very own decided to quit his post at yale saying quote resigned yesterday as associate fellow at calhoun college at yale. it's been an honor but political correctness is lame. now, yale is coming back saying it's based on principle. not pc stuff.
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calhoun was their forefather just like jfk. so why did this bother you so much? >> well, it board me because his name has been on the institution since the middle of the 19th century and this is very distressing to me that people are going back through history now and deciding which historic figures by the context of the 21st century are appropriate to name, you know, same thing happened at princeton with woodrow wilson, the president of the united states and, you know, his allegedly racist views. to me, it's just very, very unfair historically sloppy, and it was just something that political correctness has gone too far. what do we do now? do we change the name of washington d.c. because george washington was a slave holder? what about the jefferson memorial? do we close that and rename that in favor of -- i don't nameduch about the admiral
5:18 pm
after now. but you have to remember a couple of things. not only was he early 19th century, 200 years ago but also jfk called him one of the five greatest of all time. liz: that's right. what do you make of the deans and the professors bulking under this? >> i think they are really fearful of student activism and the disruptive aspect of people, you know, kids who just now forget about what they're supposed to be learning but really are dedicated to disruption or dedicated to a kind of activism that is -- i think goes from political important to, you know, self gratification, and i really think it's something people have to take a stand. liz: and then there's this at santa clara university, turning point usa. it's not being allowed at that school because people saying it's nazi, white supremacist. and then you have what's going on at georgetown. let's show that information.
5:19 pm
georgetown university professor, he's basically a recent convert to islam. he is giving lectures supporting slavery, supporting slavery of women saying it's okay to have sex with women without their consent and all supported by karan. >> that guy is a total nut job, and he should -- even so, he should -- his voice should be heard there, and if you don't want to listen to it, don't listen to it. i think that's a good idea, unless he's inviting the law, in which case he should be fired. in this case of -- liz: we're not seeing any debates, though, or any encouragement of debating of that. >> sticking with calhoun college and the thing that removed me to resign the prestigious honor, and i really was honored to be an associate fellow there, you cannot put your political views to alter history. you can do it to try to change the past or take a different take on what's happening today. but when you erase history,
5:20 pm
the danger is that your point of view will replace what really happened, and i think -- liz: that's a good point. so why not keep the name calhoun on and talk about slavery; right? the history of it? >> just think of all the monuments that exist in this country for people who -- can it didn't even abolish slavery fully until 1848. 20 years after calhoun. so it's kind of hypocritical. oh, you know, to look down your nose at what was the norm in those cases. obviously it was the second worst thing that happened, including the holocaust. i mean, those are the things that you just wish they never happened, the world is, you know, creased out by that kind of stuff. but to just now say that the students with the loudest voice. liz: isn't the school saying that the trump victory worse than 9/11. and martin luther king. >> well, maybe they'll change it. liz: maybe not. who knows.
5:21 pm
interesting stuff. geraldo, always great to have you on the show. >> thanks. liz: the media getting called out for distorting the latest raids by ice to deport an illegal immigrant. my next guest is a former border officer. he says it's nothing different than what happened deporter in chief, that was his name not that i can, president obama, he has the numbers after this. >> hundreds have been arrested this week in what federal officials are routine operations targeting criminals. >> is the new administration behind the latest crack down?
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>> immigration raids. some communities on edge after a sling of deportation raids in six states. more than 16 million people live in a household with one undocumented immigrant. >> families say they are now living in fear. >> in texas videos on social media showing a man being detained by an ice agent in
5:25 pm
front of a fast-food restaurant sends a chilling message. >> we're following breaking news. an enforcement surgeon undocumented immigrant arrest. targeted raids rounding up hundreds of foreign nationals. is the new administration behind the latest crack down? >> a stern warning to all 11 million undocumented living in the united states. most of them law-abiding and paying taxes and working. that they're no longer safe to stay here. liz: the media sent an alarm on immigration and customs enforcement recent raids of illegal criminal immigrants. ice releasing this new video of the raids last week. hundreds of arrests were made nationwide. today's new york daily news cover describing these raids as a quote wave of fear. but the facts show under president obama an estimated 2 million to 3 million people were deported, including a record of more than 409,000 people in 2012. that 3 million figure we've all these seen 2 million figure. it's likely more than any other u.s. president.
5:26 pm
with me now board member of the national association of former border patrol officers and he's a former ice agent. he's -- look who's here. david ward. david, ice officials say these raids are routine and in the works where president trump came into office. is that right? >> that's absolutely correct. we've been doing these types of target enforcement operations for years. why people weren't out picturing and rioting or protesting when president obama was doing it in los angeles and cities around the country during his term is beyond me. the hysteria that's going on now because of this enforcement operation was planned under president obama. it was not planned under president bush because an operation like this takes at least four months to put together. liz: so, david, we've seen numbers out there that they're on the deportation rolls of criminal illegals about one million. people have already gone through legal hearings, appeared before immigration court justices and the like. now we have homeland security
5:27 pm
secretary john kelly saying quote of those arrested, approximately three-quarters were convicted of crimes, including homicide, sexual assault of a minor, drug trafficking, and weapons charges. shouldn't people in the media be focusing on that? >> they're absolutely the type of people we need to get on of our streets and primarily they're all in the sanctuary cities. we have well over 500 sanctuary cities in the united states that are now the hotbed for these criminal aliens that are hiding that were issued many -- many were issued many, many years ago. and they're still on the limb. these are the people that need to be caught immediately by our department of homeland security. liz: we have immigration lawyers coming on cameras saying when ice goes in there, say it's an illegal who was working at a restaurant, he claims that they're going in there, and they're arresting more people who work in the restaurant. are we hearing that? i mean, is that true? >> well, it could very well be. we are obligated by law to enforce law. if we come across an illegal
5:28 pm
alien in the process of doing an operation, we're not going to turn our back on another person who's here illegally in the united states. i've heard a lot of comments by politicians that these are law-abiding citizens who are just here making a wage, but they're not law-abiding. they're here illegally to start off with and plus they've stolen an identification to even get the job they currently have. liz: we are a nation that welcomes immigrants and for the first time in a long time, we're enforcing our borders. so i would like to switch gears. president trump senior adviser kellyanne conway calling out the media saying that the first lady is an immigrant and that's not getting enough recognition. why isn't the media covering that about the first lady? >> well, they ought to be celebrating all the immigrants that come into the united states, including the first lady even my parents were from overseas. so immigrants do -- they become part of the fabric of this country, and that's what we want. we don't want people that abuse our laws or exploit our
5:29 pm
laws of this country. . liz: do you take any issue with the advocacy groups and even some teachers or basically delineating these civil rights for illegals in this country. they're giving step by step details on how to respond if an ice agent knocks at the door. the aclu advises be calm. if they ask if they have a warrant signed by a judge, remain silent, do not sign anything until you speak to a lawyer. what are your thoughts? >> well, absolutely this is what's going on. as a matter of fact, there's a lot of religious groups doing this. of course the school. we have towns and cities, princeton just came out with one of their operations on how to avoid being arrested by immigration. and then of course the department of homeland security on our own website has ways to avoid, or gives advice to illegal aliens where border patrol agents can and can't go. all of this needs to be corrected.
5:30 pm
those that are actually aiding and abetting illegal aliens ought to be criminally prosecuted. and if they're tax-exempt organizations, you ought to lose that tax exemption. . liz: all right, david, thank you so much for your time, sir. >> good evening. liz: up next, harvard law professor allen is coming to the show. he's saying the media is hyping and distorting the story about national security adviser michael flynn talk with russia before president trump was suborn in. it's a talk about sanctions with russia that the obama administration had imposed. also on the docket with the lawyer is senior adviser kellyanne conway jokingly promoting ivanka trump's clothing line during an interview. kellyanne conway got in trouble for that. saying both of these stories not a big deal. going to make his case after this. don't go away
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>> president trump's national security adviser is on thin ice. >> president trump's national security adviser covertly discussed u.s. sanctions russia ambassador. >> michael flynn is the president's national security adviser for now. the retired general is under fire for speaking to russians before president trump was sworn in and misleading just flat out lying to the public. liz: media blasting trump national security adviser michael flynn for going rogue talking to the russian
5:35 pm
ambassador about the president -- president trump was sworn in. the talk was interpreted by some senior u.s. officials as to potentially illegal signal for the kremlin that it could because i want sanctions that were imposed by the obama administration to punish russia for its alleged interference in the 2016 election. poodle to michael pence for it. and this just in. the white house says president trump is speaking to pence about it and possibly flynn as well. >> the president is evaluating the situation and also speaking with a lot of people about what he considers the most important subject there is. our national security. liz: my next guest says if we condemn him for this, then jimmy jackson should be sharing a jail cell. so great to have you on the show, sir.
5:36 pm
can you explain to the viewer what you mean by jimmy carter and jessie jackson should be in a jail cell? >> jimmy carter actually t wascut american policy not offered by president clinton and barack back in 2000, 2001. he has interfered more with american policy more than any other president in history. jessie jackson of course has negotiated sometimes successfully sometimes unsuccessfully. release of people in foreign countries that our administration couldn't successfully negotiate the release. the logan act is dead letter. it's only been applied once in 1803 to some farmer who wrote a letter. but it's never been applied. so has no legal problems. his problem is whether he, in fact, misled the vice president, whether or not he had the authority of the president to have that conversation. these are kind of internal problems within the administration. but he has no legal problem to
5:37 pm
be concerned about. liz: sir, the media's basically saying michael flynn interfered here at a time when there was basically the obama administration had slapped sanctions on russia and then remember, russia did not retaliate when the obama administration had expelled russian diplomats. and there was this period of time, why didn't that happen? and people are now thinking it was michael flynn who stepped in and said don't act -- don't do anything. sit tight. we'll take care of you with the sanctions. is that high level interference with one guy and now people don't trust him at all. >> well, it's high level. it reminds me a little bit about what the reagan administration did before they came into office. obviously, jimmy carter was trying to get our hostages released, and there was some conversations between the iranian and the president-elect's people. and they did not release the hostages until literally the day that president reagan became president. so clearly, there was
5:38 pm
interference there as well. unfortunately, for better or worse, that's become the way in which president-elect and former president do use their authority sometimes to undercut, sometimes to strengthen. but to do things that are not presidential because they're not authorized to act as president. so these are serious issues, but they're not serious legal issues. really serious issue is what was the content of the conversation? are we having a foreign policy, which is too forgiving? those are issues that are to be debated. there are going to be congressional hearings on that. does this relate to the way in which russia conducted itself in the run-up to the election? these are all fair game. but i think we should take off the table any argument that what flynn did was unlawful or violation of the. liz: which as you point out
5:39 pm
wasn't enforced or used. trump adviser, this story for you. kellyanne conway got in trouble for basically promoting ivanka trump's clothing brand. what's your take on this controversy, sir? >> well, you know, i myself if i were a woman, i would go out and buy ivanka's clothing. i think it all starts with the boycott. there was a systematic attempt to boycott her products because people didn't agree with her father. that's just dead wrong. and if i had been her father, i would have done exactly what donald trump did. now, whether or not his adviser should have done that on television looking like, again, that's something for politicians to deal with. but have a father come to his daughter's defense, i think it's admirable, and i support donald trump in this regard. just the way harry truman said he would punch in the mouth a guy who wrote a bad review about his daughter.
5:40 pm
if somebody did anything bad about my daughter's business. let's distinguish between the trivial and the significant and this is below trivial. liz: good point. allen, please come back. we love having you go on. >> thank you. liz: president trump criticism at the grammys last night but one singer is getting heavily criticized for wearing a pro trump make america great again dress. and guess what? the designer of that dress is a pro trump immigrant. he speaks out next. don't go away this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial.
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>> at this particular point in history, our voices are needed more than ever. >> i just want to thank president agent orange evil that you've been perpetuating throughout the united states.
5:44 pm
i want to thank president agent orange for the attempt on the muslim ban. >> we can use this excitement at a pipeline protest, guys. >> any negative tweets are fake tweets. okay? they are not real tweets. the negative ones are fake. let's move on. okay. ♪ ♪ ♪ . liz: well, plenty of celebrities bashing the president. one singer, though, she took a stand. she flaunted a make america great again dress. the back of it had the word trump on it. here's the real kicker. the dress' designer is a pro trump immigrant. let's take this to my power panel with me now republican
5:45 pm
strategist trish and democrat strategist daniel first to you, christopher. are any ratings down because of all of these lectures? >> absolutely. i mean, we need to make hollywood great again because it's not. every time these celebrities pile on and attack the president, the president wins. their heads are still spinning from him winning the election, and i think it's completely backfiring. i mean, there's two ways to enjoy free speech in america. the american way and the hollywood elite way, and it's just not working right now. liz: daniel, what do you think? >> look, i think this is a political speech. i don't think we're going to be able to divorce from politics. i think we talked about this when we watched the oscars; right? award season is nearly over, liz, so it's going to be okay. i think what i loved about her dress was that she was able to go out there and make a statement, and i know that there was some criticism from the left. but i think we had to be intellectually honest about the fact that this is going to happen. liz: but why do we have to accept that's going to happen, chris? why does politics have to
5:46 pm
saturate everything? now we're boycotting clothing makers are politicizing clothes? i mean, i'm not talking about this designer. i'm talking about the boycott from grab your wallet for nordstrom and the like. i mean, come on, can't we get away from politics at these award shows? >> you have someone in support of the president, and they have the hate train and all of that stuff, and you have all of these actors attacking and attacking and attacking, and it's not resonating. so it's ironic you can't have a positive message. these hollywood elitest liberals need to recover from the knockout punch from trump winning because we need to get on with the debate. you can't keep doing it this way. liz: yeah, the pro trump designer was on fox earlier. let's take a listen and get your reaction. >> well, what happened was --
5:47 pm
so we were talking about the sun and, like, the red yellow and orange. i was going to make a gown. but after listening to the women's march, people want the one on the white house. and we have to make a statement. we have to put make america together and promote love. and since her music is about love, and i have the trump flag in front of our house, i'm, like, i'm going to make you a trump gown, sweetheart, and then that's what happened. liz: daniel, what did you think of his answer? >> i completely respect it. i'm not saying that i agree with his politics, but he has the right to say it. i think what's interesting is we're seeing this confession week. we're starting to see his clothing lines with these kinds of political messages. whether it's planned parenthood or -- and i think victoria had an interesting point.
5:48 pm
she said i want my clothing to make women feel comfortable. so she was sticking away from the message, which i think in some ways was refreshing. liz: lady gaga to a degree also stepped away from the -- at the super bowl halftime. didn't really make a political message and people love lady gaga's performance. and then you have joy music sales skyrocketing on amazon and itunes at apple when she wore that dress. i mean, are artists starting to realize that, hey, there's middle america out there, the working guy and gal. maybe they like this message. they like seeing it. >> i agree. there's a time for people to express their opinions but sometimes it just goes on too long. when you watch the grammys, you want to enjoy the show, and it's just too much of the political commentary, and there's many democrats and liberals that frankly think there's too much of it. so i think we'll get past to it and get past things. but my big concern about the grammys is we need to have the best medal artist actually televised and shout out to megadeath. but, yeah, i think we do get back to getting this right and
5:49 pm
letting people enjoy the show without so much political commentary because there was so much last night. liz: who knew you were a heavy metal guy, chris? how about you? >> not all the time. only on mondays. liz: chris and danielle, thank you so much. really appreciate your time. next up protests erupting across the country at town halls led by republican politicians. reports now coming in that the protesters in the crowd, well, they're democrats. nothing wrong with free speech, of course. except when it turns violent and abusive. my next guest says violent protester on the rise. due to something he calls the off left. he's here to explain after this. don't go away dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something...
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>> anyone over the age of 74? has to go before what is effectively a death tax. . liz: reports of town hall disruption across the country. there's also reports that democrat protesters are showing up to basically create chaos. those are reports coming in. this after we've seen continued national protests over accusations of a disproven muslim ban in that executive order. also riots over conservative speakers colleges in california and new york city. my next guest has a name for it. he says it's the rise of the alt left. he's daily caller editor chris chief bedford joins me now. who's in it? >> we've seen on the television, this chaos, this insanity, this violence, people saying free speech shouldn't be tolerated like the berkeley newspaper and
5:54 pm
then the hundreds and hundreds of berkeley students who came off afterwards tore down barricades, attacked police officers, pepper sprayed women, attacked anyone who didn't agree with them and then publicly said this is what with -- we won. this is what the power is. folks saying this is what democracy looks like. and the people on capitol hill, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, they're hoping this is a tea party uprising for them that's going to help in the election, and i don't think it's going to help's a , and i think a lot more people are looking at the craziness in two coasts and saying i want nothing to do with that. liz: chris, did the tea party movement wear masks, blad hoods, and carry baseball at a bats and torch cars? >> not to any protests i ever saw, and i've been to a lot of them. we didn't see any of that. i actually asked one of these guys, they're a bunch of self anointed militants who look like they can't do more than three pullups, so i'm not sure how dangerous they are. but they cause lots of damage in masses.
5:55 pm
and i asked them do you think it's weird to attack fascism attacking political opponents in your street like the fascist did, and they didn't see any irony in that at all. and for them, it's chaos, and they want to make the country their stated goal. liz: but how do you see the political class in dc, particularly the democrats responding to this rise of the alt left? is it making america even more ungovernable? i mean, are they reacting to it and sort of not admonishing it but maybe appreciating it. what do you think? >> they are. at the same day right after the berkeley riots, we had another riot in new york, the other coast where someone said they were an n yu professor attacked a conservative speaker and then a democratic congressman calling the berkeley riots and fires a beautiful sight. we had people like hillary clinton and nancy pelosi have said we appreciate your free speech. the democratic leaders in california, all they've done is attack president trump for saying he might cut off funding to the college instead
5:56 pm
of condemning it. liz: chris, the thing is trump policies are pretty left. i mean, bernie sanders supported return of manufacturing jobs and, you know, looking at the trade policies again and infrastructure spending. we could go on and on that donald trump's policies should appeal to many on the left. i don't get it. >> i actually got a phone call from my mother saying weren't these the guys against the globalization who were rioting during the world trade organization meetings? what's wrong now? isn't trump doing what they wanted to? but if you listen to their message even back then, what it really was anticapitalism, antiabout i say, and above all, anti-america. liz: all right, chris, thank you so much for your time, sir. >> thank you. liz: we've got details on tonight's all new strange inheritance episode after this. don't go away i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler
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. liz: it's monday. that means there are all new editions of strange inheritance. we've got two new episodes premiering tonight starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox business. you won't want to miss these episodes.
6:00 pm
it's terrific stuff. well, that does it for us. thank you for having us in your homes. making money with charles payne is next. ♪ ♪ charles: good evening i'm charles payne. stocks soaring to new highs today as the dow jones industrial average closed at a record. that's the 22nd record since the election. the dow spiked more than 2,000 points since november 8th. we're going to break it all down for you later in the show. and other major news today, president trump welcoming the so-called canadian camelot to the white house. prime minister justin trudeau. the two leaders, well, they sit at opposite ends of the spectrum in both politics and style, but it was yet another diplomatic coup for president trump as both talked about stronger relationships and joining forces to promote female entrepreneurship. >> i just want to say,


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